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No-Dig Method

Encouraging a diverse ecosystem

No Dig is an alternative to traditional dug/turned-over soil plant beds. The benefits include maintaining a natural firm and strong soil structure, not disturbing the soils microbiology and life-cycle, adding nutrients to the soil and can even provide less cover for garden pests such as slugs. No Dig beds can either be flat at ground level, or raised up depending on soil-type and desired finish. By not digging the soil, you reduce the likelihood of raising weed seeds from underground meaning that once the natural seed fall weeds have germinated the amount of weeds in the bed should decline significantly. No dig beds are nice and easy to weed as they retain more moisture on top whilst draining well so are less likely to dry into large clumps or clods. The bed is hand weeded or with hoe and weeds can be mulched back into the soil. One final added benefit is that once your plants have rooted through the fertile loose topsoil, they start to root the firm, stable ground beneath providing a solid foundation for strong and healthy plants! The key to the success of any no-dig bed is in the preparation. Once prepped and installed, a well-planned no-dig bed can provide some of the lowest-maintenance, highest-yielding gardening environments available, perfect for flower-beds or vegetable patches! Get in touch with Belgarden on 07470 962 898 for more information today!

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