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Carbon Gold

The Leading BioChar Company

By using Carbon Gold biochar, you can bring a physical and permanent change to your soil.
It improves structure, aeration, water-holding capacity (so less watering), and nutrient retention, and provides a refuge for beneficial microbes which we add to improve plant health.
Biochar locks carbon into the ground and so reduces CO2 being released into the atmosphere where it is harmful. So, by using biochar products you are not only gaining superb results with your growing, but also reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.



Carbon Gold Biochar All Purpose Compost is the perfect solution for your gardening needs! This compost is made with 100% peat-free coir and biochar, and is FSC certified and Soil Association Approved for organic growing. It’s perfect for a wide range of applications, including raised beds, pots and containers, hanging baskets, flower and vegetable beds. This compost his regularly used by both home and professional growers.


Carbon Gold’s Biochar Seed Compost is a coir based compost that is 100% peat and synthetic chemical free and is both FSC certified and Soil Association Approved for organic growing. A combination of natural coir, and our enriched biochar will help your seedlings get off to the best possible start. It can also be used as a soil improver by adding into your existing beds



Looking for a soil additive that will promote root development, improve soil structure and help save the planet? Carbon Gold Soil Improver is perfect for anyone wanting resilient and productive vegetables, fruit, flowers, and plants by increasing the organic matter in your soil, As well as in flower beds it can also be used as a vegetable soil improver or alternatively could be added to your garden compost.


Using Carbon Gold Biochar Fertiliser pellets will give you superb results with no chemical or GM additives. It is ideal for a flower fertiliser as well as growing vegetables, fruit, roses, shrubs, trees, and plants, as it gives them a natural boost.
All of their carbon based fertilizer products are manufactured in the UK and are both Soil Association and Biodynamic Association approved so you can be assured that it it is 100% natural  fertiliser and are suitable for use in any organic garden or system.



Carbon Gold Biochar Lawn Improver is perfect whether you are planning to give your existing lawn a boost or as a base layer when laying turf or seeds.

  • Carbon Gold Biochar Lawn Improver is enriched with mycorrhizal, trace minerals and beneficial bacteria to help promote vigorous and healthy plants and root systems.

  • FSC certified and Soil Association Approved for organic growing although is commonly used by conventional as well as organic growers.

  • Biochar sequesters (locks) carbon into the ground, so it is beneficial to the environment as well as your lawn.


Carbon Gold Biochar Tree Soil Improver is ideal for transplanting or revitalising new and established trees or woody plants and shrubs. It promotes root development, and reduces nutrient leaching, defending against transplant shock and drought stress.

  • Ideal whether you are planting new trees or woody plants or if you need to revitalise established ones.

  • It promotes root development and reduces nutrient leaching all of which helps defend against transplant shock and drought stress.

  • A perfect and powerful treatment not only for all types of tree but also for shrubs, roses, bare root stock and hedging.



Did you know that your current compost does not have to be replaced every year? Reusing compost with our revolutionary new product to our range, Biochar Compost Rejuvenator  is the ideal compost activator and resolves this problem. Biochar Compost Rejuvenator is FSC® and Soil Association approved and has our special recipe of organic and natural additives mixed with UK sourced biochar. Just mix it in with the existing substrate and it’s ready to use all over again.


Are your houseplants looking a bit tired, and in need of some love?
The Houseplant Booster has been specially formulated with Biochar, along with Soil Association Approved natural biology and fertiliser to give your houseplants a new lease of life.
Did you know that as well as being a refugia for the natural biology, it also holds water as well, which means you don’t have to water your houseplants as often!



The Professional grower’s best kept secret! Originally only available to our trade customers, Biochar Biology Blend is our most potent product formulation ever.

Biochar Biology Blend is known by the trade as “Organic Rocket Fuel”  It brings an intense boost of all the trace minerals and natural biology your plants will need for the season. This encourages healthy root systems which will be reflected in the quality of the aboveground plants. It’s ideal for sprinkling into seed drills or around the roots of young plants as you put them into their growing positions.
Biochar Biology Blend can also be used to give a boost to your houseplants or during repotting. Likewise, if you have some existing biochar-based composts and are going to plant back into those pots, you can use Biology Blend to rejuvenate the compost for lasting benefits for the year ahead.

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