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Belgarden's promise to you, and our environment

We Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Belgarden is committed to using recycled materials where possible and ensuring that the tools, equipment and chemicals and fertilizers we use have the smallest impact possible.

Environmental Sustainability is Our Passion

We are passionate about sustaining our natural environment and promoting low-cost environmentally-friendly gardens that can be maintained either with our assistance or with a low-maintenance plan. By encouraging more people to keep natural, native gardens year round we will dramatically improve the health of our local eco-system.

We Promote Bio-Diversity and Natural Life-Cycles

We focus on building miniature ecosystems within your garden and incorporating as much of natures power as possible. We look to plant in a way that creates synergy between the flora and fauna present in your garden which, when done properly, can mean that your plants and wildlife are taking care of each other.

We are Carbon Neutral

Belgarden will be working with a UK Carbon Offsetting company to ensure that any impact our organisation has on our planet is calculated and accounted for.

Our Pledge: Privacy Policy
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