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New Build Garden Redesign

This property was a new build within the garden of an existing house. The property was built with a modern minimalistic style but the customer wanted a cottage-style garden to add character and provide colour all year round.

Redesign Project

A Blank Canvas

Our client had moved into a new-build property from a period cottage and wanted to add some character to the garden


No Dig Method

We had a conversation about sustainability and eco-friendly gardening and agreed a no-dig method of creating the beds would be ideal. This meant we only need to overturn the turf, overlay with cardboard to kill the grass and then add a small layer of compost.

Covering the Grass

Oncne the cardboard had been laid over the overturned turf, the next step is to cover in compost and then water to encourage decomposition.


Overlaying with Compost to Create Beds

Once the compost is added the beds must be left for a couple of weeks prior to planting to allow the cardboard to start to decompose, and to allow the life cycle beneath the soil to re-establish.

Slate Edging and Mowing Strip

This was the perfect time to look to start the hard-landscaping aspects of the project. The customer decided to go for a slate mowing strip and raised bed which tied in the building materials used in the rest of the house.


Patio and Pergola Hammock Feature

We also designed a patio to fit an awkwardly angled corner, using the same porcelain tiles which were used in the Kitchen and Outside Dining Area. This created a consistency and flow between the outdoor areas. Once done, we added a timber pergola perfectly designed to accomodate our customers hammock.

A Stocked Bed with Room to Mature

Once the landscaping was complete and the beds ready, we sourced a variety of plants (all soil and aspect suitable) to provide flowers and foliage all year round, and to create multiple levels within the beds. For this particular project, all plants came from the local Hilliers nursery, and our customer was offered a 10% discount on RRP.

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