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Search Celebrates Triumph as SME NEWS' "Best Local Gardening Company 2023 - Winchester"

Winchester, UK, November 2023

Belgarden the leading Winchester-based gardening company renowned for its unwavering commitment to sustainability and biodiversity, proudly announces its prestigious win as the "Best Local Gardening Company 2023 - Winchester" at the revered Southern Enterprise Awards.

This remarkable recognition underscores Belgarden's exceptional dedication to fostering eco-friendly practices and promoting a harmonious relationship between nature and urban spaces.

The Southern Enterprise Awards, renowned for honoring exceptional enterprises across various sectors, has acknowledged's outstanding contribution to the local gardening landscape. This award serves as a testament to the company's tireless efforts in advancing sustainable gardening practices and advocating for a greener, more biodiverse Winchester.

Belgarden stands out as a trailblazer in the realm of gardening services, setting high standards by embracing environmentally conscious methodologies and promoting a circular economy within the community. Through innovative initiatives and a steadfast commitment to fostering biodiversity, the company has transformed the local gardening scene and inspired a new wave of eco-conscious gardeners.

Reflecting on this achievement, Jordan Catto, Founder of, expressed profound gratitude and pride. "We are deeply honored to receive the 'Best Local Gardening Company 2023 - Winchester' award. This recognition not only validates our commitment to sustainable practices but also reaffirms our belief in the power of nature to create thriving, balanced ecosystems. We are dedicated to continuing our mission of advocating for eco-friendly gardening practices and fostering a community of nature-focused gardeners."

Belgarden's triumph at the Southern Enterprise Awards underscores the company's exceptional service, dedication to promoting a sustainable environment, and commitment to nurturing biodiversity within Winchester. This recognition further strengthens Belgarden's resolve to empower nature-focused gardeners and drive the adoption of sustainable, circular economy practices within homes and businesses.

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Social Media: BelgardenWinchester

About Belgarden: Belgarden is a Winchester-based gardening company dedicated to sustainability and biodiversity. With a focus on eco-friendly gardening practices, the company strives to build a community of nature-focused gardeners and advocates for the implementation of circular economies within homes and businesses.

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